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Taylor'd Marine Services Pty Ltd T/A Broken Bay Barges is a commercial barge and truck hire company formed by Brent & Bianca Taylor.


We provide a superior service to Pittwater, Broken Bay, Hawkesbury River and the Central Coast with skilled and reliable crew and specialist barge and truck equipment.

Our Fleet, Crew and Operations are fully insured, accredited and certified. 


Brent Taylor became a professional diver in 1998 and has vast experience in salvage, underwater demolition, aquaculture, hull cleaning, mooring inspections and repairs.

Brent has also worked on commercial barges for over 20 years and in 2018 formed

Broken Bay Barges to provide the best service and value for money for his wider community.

Brent has acquired some unique equipment such as the 4X4 ex military Unimog and Skid Steer Loader specifically to handle the terrain on Scotland Island and the Western Foreshore, and vessels to suit our waterways and the work we carry out.


Brent is one of the most accredited operators within the industry:


  • Master < 24 Unrestricted

  • MED3

  • 60tonne Mobile Crane Operator

  • Senior 1st Aid

  • Heavy Rigid Truck Licence

  • Frontend Loader Operator

  • Skid Steer Loader Operator

  • SafeWork NSW High Risk

  • SafeWork NSW Security Clearance General Explosives

Brent Taylor, Managing Director

Bianca Taylor has 21 years experience in Film and TV production.

As a Production Manager, Bianca adapted her approach to the clients needs from conception to completion on time and on budget.


Bianca formed Broken Bay Barges with Brent and handles all administration, insurance and accounts.

Together Brent and Bianca offer a complete package of experience and expertise.

Bianca Taylor, Director
Bianca & Brent working Pittwater


Taylor’d Marine Services aims to:


  • Comply with all statutory obligations, standards, specifications relevant to the environment

  • Maintain, monitor, review, audit and continually improve on our Environmental outcomes

  • Train our staff in environmentally sustainable practices.

  • Protect the environment, prevent pollutions, minimise waste wherever practical and promote recycling.


As the Directors of Taylor’d Marine Services, Brent and Bianca are personally committed to the development, implementation and improvement of the TMS Environment Management System and practices. 


Our mission is to exceed the evolving needs of our clients with the most reliable, innovative and competitive barge and transportation solutions. Our unwavering commitment to the environment is the foundation of our exemplary safety and environmental records.

We strive to exceed regulatory requirements and ensure continuous improvement in our environmental performance.




Bruce, Dumb Barge


Vessel Disposal


100th Vessel Disposal

BRUCE is a 12 x 8m open deck dumb barge.


  • 2D/2E Survey (smooth / partially smooth).

  • Fassi F195A.25 crane, 4999kg @ 2.6m and 400kg @ 19m.

  • 16 Tonne capacity wheeled cargo

  • 30 Tonne capacity non-wheeled cargo.

  • 3 Crew and 9 Special Personnel.

  • Shallow draft 400mm and 800mm fully loaded.

  • Road transportable on one oversized   semi-trailer.

Barge Hire Services:

  • Vessel Disposal

  • Vessel Salvage

  • Crane Barge Hire

  • Island & Waterfront Waste removal

  • Crew and Equipment Transfers

  • Drilling, U/W excavation, dredging, bridge work platform.

We are experts in vessel disposal.

We are the only company in Australia that: 

  • Provides an environmental disposal service.

  • Recycles all recyclable materials.

  • Repurposes boat parts.

  • Reduces impact on landfill.

  • Has minimal impact to your wallet.

We specialise in vessel salvage.


  • 30+ tonnes lift capacity with crane and lift bags. 

  • ADAS divers locate and sling the vessel if required.

  • High speed water pumps. 

  • Marine Spill kit including 105m of fence boom to prevent fuel spills.

  • Environmental disposal.

  • Recycling materials.


Bruiser Crane truck hire

Bruiser is a U1700L Mercedes UNIMOG 4WD crane truck.

  • Carrying Capacity 4.5 tonne.

  • Towing capacity 12.5 tonnes.

  • Lift 1 tonne.

  • Based on Scotland Island.

  • Transportable via barge for onshore & western foreshore

  • Island & Waterfront Waste Removal

  • Building Material Deliveries


Skid Steer Loader

Bob is a John Deere 250 Hi Flow Skid Steer Loader, primarily used to assist with deliveries in hard to access areas.

  • Based on Scotland Island.

  • Transportable via barge to onshore locations including the western foreshore.


Attachments include:


  • Forklift arms.

  • Hydrapower Roller.

  • Auger Drive.

  • Trenching attachments.

  • Wedge Rock breaker.

  • Backhoe attachments.


Additional Ski Services

Other services Broken Bay Barges can arrange :


  • 3, 5, 8, & 15 Tonne Excavators.

  • Demolition.

  • Soil removal.

  • Tree lopping and chipping.

  • Removalists.

  • Firewood Deliveries.

  • Septic Tank pump outs.

  • 105m of fence boom to contain oil and fuel spills.

If it isn't listed here, please call Brent on 0409 269 404


We would highly recommend the services of Taylor'd Marine. Brent takes into consideration all our clients needs and responds to last minute requests promptly. The use of his services regularly has saved our clients large amounts of money and has prevented further damage on multiple occasions.
Scott Dillon
R Marine Pittwater

Brent on Barge
Bradstow Pushing Barge
Unimog truck for hire
Skip Vehicle with BBB Logo

  • 5.5 Tonne

  • 2.5 Tonne carrying capacity

  • Deliveries on Scotland Island & Western Foreshore.

  • Barge Transportable for onshore work.

  • Full Commercial Motor Vehicle Insurance


12 x 8m Crane Dumb-Barge

  • 2D/2E Survey (smooth/partially smooth waters).

  • Fassi F195A.25 Crane. 5.1 tonne @ 2.6m and 500kg @ 19.3m.

  • 16 tonne capacity wheeled cargo.

  • 30 tonne capacity non-wheeled cargo.

  • Shallow draft of 400mm and 800mm fully loaded.

  • 3 Crew and 9 Special Personnel.

  • Road transportable on one oversized semi-trailer.



10 x 2.92m high speed barge

  • 2D/2E Survey (smooth/partially smooth waters).

  • Twin 200 Yamaha outboards.

  • 2 Crew & 10 Special Personnel.

  • Crew Transfers

  • Filming support vessel


UNIMOG U1700L Mercedes 4X4 Crane Truck

  • Transport materials on Scotland Island, and western foreshore

  • Waste removal

  • 4.5 tonne carrying capacity 

  • 12.5 tonne towing capacity

  • 1 tonne crane capacity

  • Barge Transportable for onshore work

  • Full Commercial Motor Vehicle Insurance


John Deere 250 Hi-Flow Skid Steer Loader

  • Assist deliveries of materials on Scotland Island

  • Attachments include : pallet forks, rock breaker, 4-in-1 bucket, roller, backhoe, trencher, augers

  • NSW Conditional Registration



  • 6.2m aluminium Alufarm 

  • 75hp Mercury Seapro outboard

  • 2D/2E Survey (smooth/partially smooth waters)



Taylor'd Marine Services Pty Ltd

T/A Broken Bay Barges

Lovett Bay, Pittwater, NSW

ABN: 36 627 349 820

 PO Box 27, Church Point NSW 2105


Brent Taylor

0409 269 404


Bianca Taylor

0419 164 123

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